Storytelling Using Drones

Come brainstorm your transnational #DroneJournalism project. Up to $10,000 in story grants available.

Zanzibar, May 11-12, 2017



May 11 – 12, 2017


droneCAMP Zanzibar and africanDRONE bring together pioneering *civic drone pilots* and *social justice journalists* from across East Africa, to brainstorm better ways for using drones to capture breaking news, collect data, and cover difficult-to-reach places.

This droneCAMP is a one-day workshop that runs alongside the ZANSEA Conference and is designed to demonstrate how civic technologies can help watchdog journalists strengthen efforts to hold both governments and corporates accountable, while also improving the media’s capacity for reporting on complex issues such as climate change and development challenges.

Participants from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda will use the droneCAMP to brainstorm project ideas for a series of micro-grants to help newsrooms tackle important public issues with the help of embedded drone pilots and data journalists.

The winning projects will share $10,000 in story grants from africanDRONE plus data journalism and technology support from Code for Africa. The overall top project will win a trip to the annual MediaPartyAfrica in Cape Town in October 2017.


Brainstorm better ways for using camera drones to capture breaking news, collect data, and cover difficult-to-reach places.


Drone Storytelling

Work on meaningful problems for mass audiences. Learn to tell more powerful stories with new tools. Learn to use data to create localised / personalised content.

Win a Grant

Team up with civic technologists and mass media pioneers to build drone stories projects using drones and other forms of interactive storytelling.


Nuzulack Dausen
Investigative Journalist

Maxwell Agwanda
Standard Media Group

Salome Kitomari
Nipashe News

Patrick Vidija
The Star

Kenfrey Kiberenge
News Editor
Nation Media Group

Annika McGinnis

Speakers and Drone Pilots

Johnnie Miller
Drone Pilot
(South Africa)

Rahim Hussein
Drone Pilot
Uhuru Labs

Nana Nduati
Engagement Strategist
Code for Africa

Chris Oriso
Drone Pilot
MicroDrone Africa

Edward Anderson
Senior Innovation Policy Specialist
World Bank

Kwasi Gicheru
Program Officer
Code for Africa

Omar Mohammed
Journalistic Mentor
Code For Tanzania / ICFJ

Freddie Mbuya
Civic Drone Mentor
World Bank / Uhuru Labs

Have a #dronejournalism idea you’d like to develop?

You might not be at droneCAMP but might still have a powerful idea for a drone-based story. Use Hack Dash to tell africanDRONE about it, and stand the chance to win a micro-grant to make it happen. Pitch your ideas here:


droneCAMP Zanzibar has been made possible through support from the following partners:




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